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UnionGARD manufactures and sells casing fillers and other specialty industrial products. UnionGARD 160 is the industry standard for elevator casing fillers. UnionGARD 160 has been protecting hydraulic elevators since 1978 and is the best way to ensure your elevator will stay corrosion free.
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Otis Elevator
Pine State
UnionGARD 160 is the best way to protect your hydraulic elevator cylinder from corrosion. Filling the casing with UnionGARD 160 eliminates oxygen from environment ensuring there can be no corrosion of your hydraulic cylinder.
Because of the high specific gravity, water will have a hard time displacing the UnionGARD 160. If any water does get into the casing, it is forced to the surface where it can easily be monitored or removed. Ask your elevator service company about UnionGARD 160 today!