UnionGARD 160

Is a thick, liquid compound that provides corrosion protection to buried hydraulic elevator cylinders. When placed between the cylinder and the casing, UNION GARD 160 provides the following advantages:
  • Easy to Install - UnionGARD 160 can be transported and pumped into place with simple, inexpensive equipment.


  • Cost Effective and & Readily Available - Most orders ship within 24 hours.


  • Calculation Guide - Estimate how UnionGARD 160 will be needed to provide protection for your installation.


  • Protects - against chemical and electrolytic corrosion.


  • Heavier than Water - Prevents water from entering the casing.


  • Improves Temperature Control - by optimizing thermal stability.


  • Safe - manufactured using environmentally safe ingredients.
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From the White House to the Big House elevators are protected with

 UnionGARD 160